Company introduction
           -- Founded in 2003, the company has more than 10 years of technology and experience in heavy PE plastic packaging bags. It has been adhering to the     concept of product quality first in 2001 and obtained the inspection and quarantine certificate issued by the Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.), and           obtained foreign import and export rights. To meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers, at present, according to the requirements of customers have   been exported to more than a dozen countries.
Product introduction
        The company's products are all imported pure raw materials, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and mainly produce PE(heavy) plastic packaging bags (including two layers for squeezing and three layers for squeezing); Black and white membrane bags; Large size submembrane; Roll film(bag); Three layers for extruding film; Customize the size, thickness, and design of the product(eight-color printing) according to the customer's different needs. The products can be      used for chemical products, chemical fertilizers, granular articles, flake articles, powder articles, food additives, large product packaging film(bag), food packaging bag compound and other different products.
Product characteristics
         Fine printing, anti-aging, tough, Anti-Slip performance, strong sealing, custom M folding, Anti-Slip points.
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Workshop diagram
Our company is equipped with four blowing film machines, including two single-layer blowing film machine, a two-layer for squeeze blowing film machine, a three-layer for squeeze blowing film machine, high productivity to meet the needs of a large number of customers.
Recently fully automatic computer three-layer supply blowing film machine, according to customer needs to produce large size cylindrical film, single roll film, which single roll film can be used for color printing packaging composite.
Automatic bag machine cutting and pressing integration to achieve high efficiency production speed to make the bottom seal more firm and exquisite.
The company's fully computerized automatic search for new equipment can print up to eight colors, which can provide the need for a full-color printing of finished products.
Product Presentation: PE Package
Cylinder membrane
Three layers for extruding film
Finished stacking display

Finished stacking display


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